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add me! [01 Dec 2008|05:02pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

I Am: Keisha, and I'm 14 years young.
Will be 15 on 2/8/09
Has a younger brother named Johnathan-John
Loves him to bits
Proud owner of an HP Photosmart camera and a blue iPod Nano.
Youtube, Myspace, and Blogging Addict
Sometimes can be a post-whore
I have depression issues, and I self-harm at times
If that bothers you, don't add me
I completely support gay/lesbian/bi rights
I hope to publish a book
I love to be unique
I don't get along with preps and jocks. Sorry.
I swear- damn it!
I'm a very sensitive person
I really like vampires and pirates.
Are there such things as vampirates?
Viva La Bam = Kick ass tv show!
Preppy name-brands suck!
Anti JoBros fan
Anti Miley Cyrus
I can't stand pop, rap, or country music

"Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out..But to see who cares enough to tear them down"....
Current Favorite Song: Ohio Is For Lovers- Hawthorne Heights

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Hello [30 Nov 2008|08:21pm]

I'm Kristen im currently 19 years old. I have a messed up mind. I'm going through some hard times but who hasn't? My entries are personal and very brutal. I write mostly whatever is in my head. I'm very insane some times. I trying to add new people so I can get any advice that is out there. Don't add me if your going to bitch and  complain about some of  my stuff.

[25 Nov 2008|08:25pm]

Hi everyone!  I didn't want to fill out the form, but my name Jessica and I live in the 12345 New York!!  I really want some new friends, so add my if you want!  :)

Fall Out Boy Performance [25 Nov 2008|03:29pm]

Hi everyone! So to any FOB fans: Fuse TV is airing a concert of FOB performing all of Folie A Deux on Dec. 16th when the new album comes out!! There's a video of the guys talking about the TV special when you click this widget:


hallos! [16 Nov 2008|10:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I'm really really looking for some new LJ friends! I just got a new one and I literally have like 8 friends, makes my friends page really boring. So people interesting in some adding would be much welcome for myself.

Name: Greta! People call me Grets or Gret-Gret or Gretor or an array of other, ridiculous names.
Age: I am 17. But nearly 18. 2 months or something.
Location: I live in Australia!
Favorite Bands: Oh, my! I don't know. Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls, tons! Like seriously. Almost everything. But I'll say my favourite is my band, 2 Days Previous. I am lead singer. Woo! Add us on MySpace; myspace.com/2daysprevious.
Favorite Song: Someone asked me this today. I don't have one, so I usually say "Kangaroo Song" from Big Daddy. Good song.

Me on the right (obvsiouly) with my BFF threatening me with a knife. Aw. We get along so well. :3

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[16 Oct 2008|05:34pm]

I should probably preface this with a warning.

I am not a happy person. In fact, I run from real happiness. I find comfort in imperfection, and I seek the kind of people who fill that need quite nicely. I'm so awkwardly nihilistic that I have "destroy something beautiful" and "nothing is static" scribbled onto my Converse hi-tops. Anyone who gets that reference should friend me immediately. But, yeah. I'm a broken kid with a majorly fucked up outlook on life, and even close friends who I've had for years will go and ask, "well, why don't you just kill yourself?" I suppose I won't because I'm an artist at heart, and the one thing I want to do with my short time on this planet is create something so haunting and horrifying that people remember me for years after I'm dead. That's all I really want, since nothing else you do on this planet means anything. That test you bombed and that job you just lost won't mean a damn thing, so I just focus on building towards my legacy, because that's the only way you can become immortal in any real sense of the word.

Now, if I haven't lost you yet, I'll probably like you. I'm Jamie. That's not my given name, but it's what I'd prefer to be called. Once I move to a state where it isn't so insanely expensive to legally change my name, I'm doing it. Art is all I care about in life. I'm going to university for film in the spring (should everything go as planned for once), and ultimately, I'd love to be a major scale artist of every variety. Really, though, my main passion is for music. I'm a bass guitarist, and I'm looking to form this awesome band with some friends of mine in a few short months. Depressing post-punk. I think it'll be pretty sweet.

What's in my LJ is more or less just me talking about school, work, shows I'm going to, artistic ventures, and women I'll inevitably fail with in epic fashion.

Interested? I know I'd be.
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Hi [13 Oct 2008|11:34am]

[ mood | sick ]



location:So. Cal. But soon Nor. Cal.

favorite bands:Bob Dylan, The Doors,The Who,Tacking Back Sunday,Snow Patrol, Augustana, Brian Eno, Billy Idol, the B-52's, DMB,Howie Day, Coldplay,Modern English,The Fray, Pink Spiders, Under the Influence of Giants,New Years Day, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand,Interpol Brand New, Circa Survive, Alesana, Bush, Smashing Pumkins, Head Automatica, Joanna Newsom, Stellesatr*, Starsailor, 10 Years, A Heartwell Ending, Adema, Spineshank, After The Tragedy, Agent Sparks, Alanis Morrisette, Alexisonfire, All That Remains, Apocalyptica, Kittie, Cradle of Filth, Emarosa, Zella Mayzell, Oh Juliet!, Foxy Shazam!, Southcott, Arsis, Arch Enemy, As I Lay Dying, Four Letter Lie, August Burns Red, Placebo, Billy Talent, Boys Night Out, Coheed and Cambria, Coal Chamber, Clear Static, Classic Case, Chasing Victory, Medicated Kisses, Meriweather, Mayday Parade, Boy Hits Car, Dead Poetic, Deadsy, Dir En Grey, Bright Eyes, The Killers, 4 Nonblondes, Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Dissection, Dresdon Dolls, Ice Nine Kills, Almost Is Nothing, Emery, Enter Shikari, Emmanuel, Envy On The Coast, Eurythmics, Evanescence, Eyes Set To Kill, Far-Less, Fidelity, Fear Before The March Of Flames, And Before This I Swear, If You Feel Like Dying, Senses Fail, Thrice, Smile Empty Soul, Straight Ling Stitch, The Start, The Used, Legion Of Doom, Gym Class Heros, Finch, Flaw, FFTL, From Autumn To Ashes, My Chemical Romance, Josephine, Concorde, Strata, The Pages, MSI, Kill Whitney Dead, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Lacuna Coil, I Am Ghost, Hot Rod Circut, Hopesfall, Hollywood Undead, Lords Of Acid, LUDO, Lamb Of God, Frou Frou and Imogen Heap, Fugees, Flyleaf, Bravery, God or Julie, Glasseater, Glassjaw, Glory Nights, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Quick Before He Strikes, Muse, Mudvayne, Rammstien, Paper Mache, Monty Are I, Necrophagist, Nevermore, Nightmare of You, Northstar, Nine Inch Nails, Panic!, Orgy, Paramore, Pink FLoyd, The Eagles, B-52's, Rasmus, Red Jumpsuit, SAOSIN, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, She Wants Revenge, Soulfly, Sparks The Rescue, Static X, Straylight Run, Aimee Mann, Sugarcult, Sullivan, System of A Down, Tacking Back Sunday, TATU, The 69 Eyes, The Black Maria, The Cure, Misfits, underOATH, Zella Mayzell, Warmen, TOOL, Trivium, Fully Down, The Fall Of Troy, The Faint, Stutterfly, Brazil, The Bad Touch, Kings To You, Driver Side Impact, Hotspur, The Fold, Talk Of The Town, The Sleeping, Framing Hanley, Tenacious D, School For Fools, Thursday, Walking Cadavers, The Cranberries, and more.

favorite song: (atm) Fear Of Dying-Jack off Jill





[29 Sep 2008|10:11am]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey guys! I'm looking for some new LJ friends. Here are some random facts about me:

+ Mia // Miaka
+ 16 Years Old
+ Resides in the Mitten of Michigan
+ Junior in High School
+ Want's to study Psychology & Law
+ Kinda an Only Child
+ VERY Open Minded
+ Pessimist / Optimist = Realist
Loves MUSIC ♪
+ Former Otaku
+ Wants to Save the World
+ Hates excessive 'txt tlk'

I think that's enough of me boring you with my ness. If you want to know more, read my userinfo or ask me. I generally like everyone, so no worries about that. Comment my friends only entry for an add.


Hi [27 Sep 2008|05:51pm]

[ mood | curious ]

name: Faith Wynters
age: 18
location: Glasgow
favorite bands: MCR, The Used, Him, Kidneythieves, Aiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage
favorite song: Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
picture: Not got one at the moment sorry!


[24 Sep 2008|08:25pm]


name: em
age: 14 in two weeks =]
location: NYC

i'm just looking for more people's journals to read, more to read mine, etc etc etc you know the drill.

pics-n-more..Collapse )
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haysup. [24 Sep 2008|05:42pm]

i'm a self proclaimed artist that doesn't fit in at all.
i hate long walks on the beach because walking in sand in impossible.
i do like, however, japanese things (amma weeaboo at heart, yoshhh), video games, techy things, drama (both lulz, ongzhighscool dramaz and like. legit acting), and fashion. i fail at shopping but whatever. :)

paramore is my guilty pleasure. mmhm.

and i hate pete wentz.

name: shannen.

age: 16.

location: i hate stalkers. :]

favorite bands: bring me the horizon, afi, mgmt, kill hannah, marilyn manson, daft punk + others.
electronic, hardcore, japanese rock/pop (dir en grey!, desparisray, gazette, malice mizer), glamrock, oldschool punk, some FBR bands.

favorite song: right now, "pray for plagues" by bmth and "weekend wars" by mgmt.

picture: slightly crappy. fuck makeup.

ongz myspace.
ongz devartz.

i'm usually more spastic than this but i'm so fuggin tireddd right now.
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...<3? [24 Sep 2008|01:26am]

[ mood | blah ]

hey. i'm anna but friends call me Keks which means cookie in german.
 I live in a not-so-cool town in austria, and it seems like i will stay here for the rest of my life, but i'd love to go to berlin to study photography. beeing addicted to music, taking random pictures and writing crappy "poems" is what i do most of the time.
i listen to many different bands, i like bands like taking back sunday, alesana, hawthorne heights, bring me the horizon, the used  or japanese bands like 12012, despairs ray, lm.c, and an cafe. i'm also into punkrock, i love deutschpunk and poppunk <3 and from time to time i listen to electrogoth, pop or metal.
since i'm a child i'm in love with sad songs, and i also try to write down what i feel when i'm sad, confused or frustrated. and i love to sing, nomatter where i am, although i just .cant. sing. i played the guitar but i cant remember it.
in school or when i'm with my friends i try to act like i'm always in a good mood cause i hate when ppl worry about me, but in my journal i just write what i think or what i did. only the truth of the moment. i just need to know that smone knows the truth and maybe understands me. and the truth is that i suffer under depressions since years.
its much better now, but sometimes it still isnt easy for me to trust or smtimes just be happy. its not like i'm never happy, i often act like a child that ate too much sweet stuff and jump and fool around.
i'd love to write much positive stuff, but i also write in my journal when i hurt myself, so if u cant deal with that u should probably not add me. but beside that, i'd love to get some new friends and read some ppls journals...^__^
..add me?..<3

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Hey there! [19 Sep 2008|02:16pm]

Hey people! I'd like to make new friends on LJ. It would be awesome if we had something in common :) I love music, photography, traveling, meeting new people, hairdressing, partying, movies, long meaningful and meaningless conversations, shopping, gigs, pets and of course the important people around me. Oh, and my hobbies are guitar-playing and icehockey. I also have a band. (Our MySpace)

My life can be full of drama at times, so you should be okay with that of course.

Name: Paula
Age: 19
Location: Finland, Europe
Favourite bands: The Strokes, From First to Last, Bring Me the Horizon, I Killed the Prom Queen, Justice, Simple Plan, Disco Ensemble, Story of the Year etc. See my Last.fm


Comment to be added! I'd also like to know something about you first :)

some pics under the cutCollapse )
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fall out boy concert [16 Sep 2008|12:58pm]

hey everyone!

i thought you guys might be interested to know that the company im interning at (wwww.avenue7.com) is giving away 2 tickets to watch fall out boy live as part of a mini contest! so check it out if you're interested :)

fyi, avenue7 is a fashion community where you can make outfits from real clothes and share them with your friends to get their feedback. ^_^

sorry if you don't like such 'advertisements'. it's a one of thing i promise you!

cool, cya around~

[05 Sep 2008|11:30pm]

Any photography kids out there?

Do I have an interesting life? I guess. I do music photography for the Seattle scene; right now I'm photographing for Raincityambience.com and Alt Press, but my day job is pizza delivery for Papa John's. I'm 21 years old. Always busy because I hate being bored. My relationship with God is very important to me. Sometimes I go on rampages about my future or the music industry or the people I work with or my friends or my ever changing relationship situation.

Let's be friends. :)
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The Greatest Man That Ever Lived. [10 Aug 2008|05:45pm]

This is a Jamie. You're possibly frightened right now.

I'll give you the basics right off the bat. I'm a pretty effeminate guy. Hell, some people on my list are seeing me for the first time right here, and they're going "wait, wait, wait, Jamie's not a girl?" I'm wildly atypical for a guy who has 'settle down and start a traditional family' on their life goals list, but what can you do? If you have a problem with girly guys, you won't like me, at all. I wear make-up, I love girl clothes, and the only thing remotely testosterone-driven about my personality is how fiercely I protect the ones I love, especially girls. So, there's your fair warning.

I'm an artist. I dabble in everything. I write often. I've been writing stories since the third grade, and I have a flair for the supernatural, teen noir, and romance. I also write screenplays. My greatest love is music, however. I spend almost all of my time talking about it in-depth, and I love finding people who care about it just as much as I do. I play bass guitar, and I'm a lyricist. I've been a part of a couple bands, but nothing serious, and that kills me, because music is the one thing I wish to pursue full force. Music is my life. Yes, there are lots of things I wouldn't mind doing, but none of them compare.

I live in Wisconsin right now. I have since the first grade. Before then, I spent time in Las Vegas and Oakland, but Wisconsin was my place of birth. I really hate it here. A lot. I'm currently pursuing acceptance to Academy of Art University, an art school in San Francisco, for screenwriting. If this fails on me . . . I'm still going to get the hell out of here. Wisconsin is just doing my head in. I've got to get out.

My LJ has a lot to do with my own personal thoughts. Unfortunately, I often suffer from really awful bouts of depression, and I let it known. I'm trying to get better, though, and things will be picking up for me by next year. But . . . I never know, with me. I'm wildly erratic. If you don't like dealing with depressing people, I'm probably wrong for you.

I typically like to friend and comment artists, or people who are just genuinely interesting. If that's you, then we'll be best friends.
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all my life i've searched for something to make me whole again. [30 Jul 2008|09:38pm]

heyy, i'm blaine!
female and 16 and an eternal optimist.
but kinda messed up inside.
you know how it goes, right?

i love people and videogames and dancing, even when there's no music, plus talking to new people and writing poetry and playing tennis and acting.
actually, there's a lot of stuff that i like.
as for things i dislike...
short list, i guess.
people shoving things down other peoples' throats.
the thought of growing old.

i'm not a scene grrl and i'm not allowed to go to shows, but i love music and i love hearing about pretty much everything.
i listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but my favorites are powerpop and trance.
stuff like Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy [ooh, you know you wanted to stereotype right there], Bedlight for Blue Eyes [for indie cred, since i had to name something that not everybody's heard of], Hellogoodbye and the Summer Obsession. but that only scratches the surface. recently i've been listening to the Morning Benders- a pretty sweet coffeeshop-soundtrack-type sound that's deeper than it first seems.

no good pics that are recent, but here's one anyway.

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[29 Jul 2008|10:30am]

17 // f // Chicagoooo.
Hiii, I'm Tiffani.

•Bright colors
•My boy

•People who can't type
•Cover songs [few acceptions]

•Brand New
•Billy Talent
•From First To Last
•Reggie And The Full Effect
•Lost Prophets
•Relient K
•Tokyo Rose
•The Waiting Game

Contacting Me;;
•AiM» tiffikittie
•Yahoo!» rwar_kittie
•Myspace» www.myspace.com/happybunny_my_homeboy
•Comment to be added here
Add me, yea?
♥; Tiffaniii.
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loveme or leaveme or ripme apart. [14 Jul 2008|07:18pm]
name: cheyanne
age: 16
location: newyorkcity
favorite bands: arctic monkeys, my chemical romance, dir en grey, antic cafe, girugämesh, ellegarden, l'arc~en~ciel, panic at the disco, fall out boy, hellogoodbye, sublime, the independents, mindless self indulgence, cobra starship, metronome, the academy is..., gym class heroes, the hush sound, tokyo jihen, malice mizer, etc.
favorite song: atm its 'got your money (ol' dirty bastard cover)' by Say Anything.

i love meeting new people :] makin' lj-friends is pretty cool. i comment on entries often because i have no life i care and i love talking.
music, fashion, reading, cosplaying, and writing are my true loves. i'm overly in love with visual-kei, eroguro, angura-kei, oshare-kei, etc.
i go to conventions constantly, its just my thing. concerts are amazing (tho i stick to mostly jrock concerts).

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[07 Jul 2008|12:00am]

I work a lot. I like music and school and photography and graphic design and people a whoooole lot. I'm very happy with the direction my life is headed, so let's be friends. :D

I'm a Christian, so if you have a problem with that, I suggest you not add me. I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be better.
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