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emo kids unite -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
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[26 Oct 2012|08:36pm]
I've decided I would enjoy some more livejournal friends. 

My name is Sarah. I'm twenty years old, not that age is in any way relevant to me. I went through bath salt induced psychosis and I've had profound psychedelic breakthroughs; I'm eccentric. I'm open minded and compassionate. I believe in paradox and ponder that topic often.

Interests: the philosophy of mind, spiritual enlightenment, eastern philosophy, psychedelia, neurogenetics, experimental film, avant-garde photography and artwork of any medium, drugs.

Music: Acid Mothers Temple, Balam Acab, Low, Television Personalities, Spacemen 3, Arco, Cannibal Ox, Orko Eloheim, Swans, Cranes, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Moondog, Pink Floyd.


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